How are you, really?

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“How are you?”

A question you ask and are asked every day which you likely respond with a generic “fine” or “good” and move on

…but you’re not actually just “fine”

We all experience our mental health to some degree every day. It is important that we take steps to share our truth by expressing how we really feel.

1 in 5 U.S. adults experience mental illness each year, and Suicide is the 2nd leading cause of death among people aged 10-34 (NIMH). The mental health crisis is unfortunately only growing, as it is fueled by a pervasive and devastating stigma, preventing millions of individuals from seeking the critical and vital treatment they need. People are afraid to speak up for fear that they will be judged.

We are creating & sharing uplifting, honest stories that bring us together by embracing our mental health experiences.

By opening up and sharing your story, you will support and inspire many others who are living with a mental health condition and help to destigmatize mental health.


The ‘How Are You, Really?’ Story Collections highlight the experiences of specific communities and populations whose voices are not as easily or often heard. We all have mental health to some degree, but it is important to learn about and appreciate diverse communities’ experience. By partnering with organizations that directly service the spotlighted populations, we are connecting the storytellers with specific mental health resources while also destigmatizing and humanizing their experiences.

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We connect users with specific, relevant resources and services to learn more and find the help they may need. It is important to not only reflect and engage in vulnerable conversation, but to take the next steps to learn more about mental health, help a loved one, learn coping skills and seek support. We provide these resources via our Collection-specific partnerships, as well as our work with The Mental Health Coalition, an alliance of the top mental health resource providers in the country coming together under one roof with the common goal of destigmatizing mental health.

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